Stone Glossary


Finish this sentence. Diamonds are…

  1. a) a girl’s best friend
  2. b) forever
  3. c) universally-adored and have been for centuries
  4. d) all of the above

Everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Drake has been inspired by diamonds and what they symbolise; love, luxury and power. Their supreme status means they’re the world’s most popular gemstone. Ranging from slightly yellow to brown or grey, it’s the colourless variants that are the most highly-regarded and sought after.





You’re probably thinking, ‘oh lovely, a royal blue stone’. But, think again.

Sapphires come in almost every colour of the rainbow, making them our favourite stones to work with. Sapphires have been attributed to many mystical powers throughout history. A stone of wisdom, mental acuity, psychic activation and protection from evil – the OG toxic-relationship repellent, ‘bye, Felicia.’





A ruby is a sapphire’s non-identical twin. Rubies and sapphires have almost identical chemical properties, apart from their colour. Known as ‘the king of precious stones’, rubies symbolise power, protection and passion. Just think of Dorothy’s legendary ruby slippers protecting her from evil on her way to Oz, but make it jewellery.





It is said that one of the baddest girls in history, Cleopatra, was a major fan of emeralds. And could you blame her? Their lush green hues have soothed souls and excited imaginations since the dawn of time. Associated with Venus the Roman goddess of love, emeralds represent loyalty on all levels - whether they’re your part-time lover or your full-time friend.





Tourmaline is literally the candy of the gem world, coming in a variety of exciting colours and bi-coloured hues. In fact, ancient Egyptians believed tourmaline was found in such a playful palette because it broke through a rainbow when entering the earth. We agree, ancient Egypt. We agree!




Australian Opal

The ‘queen of gemstones’, opal is known for its flashing kaleidoscope of colours. Often featuring ruby reds, emerald greens and sapphire blues, its beauty has been compared to magical galaxies and fireworks. Symbolic of hope and good fortune, the opal is a well-rounded stone providing its wearer with a deep understanding of their core self.