Very Useful Care Tips

MLR pieces are artefacts of expression that require a little extra TLC when worn, handled and stored. To keep your bling sparkling for longer, do not expose your piece to chemicals, perfumes or rough conditions (e.g. sandpaper, a spontaneous bout of rock-climbing, a dip in a mineral spa; you get the gist). Surfaces and treatments may fade or change over time, as you build a life with your MLR piece.


Want to flex with a 24-carat piece? The golden rule (pun intended) is to take extra care because it will be as soft as butter. The 411 on gold, is the higher the carat the more vulnerable the piece will be to general ‘wear and tear.’ Lower-carat gold (9ct, 14ct) is our friend, alloyed with other materials to make the metal more durable and suitable for day-to-day adventures. To clean, simply use warm soapy water followed by a soft polishing cloth, ensuring that it dries thoroughly.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver loves being out on the town, so we suggest wearing daily. Sterling silver generally requires less care, however, the alloy will naturally blacken over time. The dulling, greying or blackening effect (oxidation or tarnishing) is caused by exposure to skin oils, perfumes, and other compounds. To restore a dull piece back to its full potential, use a silver polishing cloth or silver foam and dry thoroughly before storing. 


Want a glistening golden piece but you’re broke AF? Brass might be your answer. Like a cousin to gold, Brass is muted yellow in colour, slightly duller, oh and did we mention a fraction of the price? Like sterling silver, brass will naturally oxidise with regular wear and can develop a dullness (also called a ‘patina’) over time. This can be removed using a simple polishing cloth or dip. 


Even the strongest stones can end up chipped or fractured. They’re real like that, y’know? Please exercise care when wearing your bling and avoid smacking your pieces against hard surfaces if you can help it (stash it safely if you’re planning to hit the gym). It’s also wise to check that all settings remain snug, as metal wears over time.